iOS Photos Feature Request — Favorites

I have 50k photos in my iPhoto Library, 25k of which are synched to my iPhone and a smorgasbord of other iOS devices in my family.  I’ve put hundreds of hours into creating metadata in iPhoto on my Macbook Pro through multiple generations of mediocre photo organizing features.  And now, the latest iOS7 photo app on my iPhone 5 decided, once again, to try a new photo grouping UI with the new concept of “Collections”, totally ignoring all the work I put in organizing my photos into logical “Events”.  I’d guess I am part of a very small % of users who even uses all of the rating, face recognition, GPS-locating, and folder/album organizing features of iPhoto.

Rich and his birthday Roosterfish

Despite all of this, I still find myself making my dinner party friends motion sick as I thumb through screen after screen of photos looking for that killer photo of the Roosterfish I caught in Cabo on my 40th birthday (a while ago) with the new Sage fly rod my buddy Nick gave me as a present.

So, I have a simple feature suggestion — Favorites.  Enable a universal one touch Favorite button on all photos.  This way, when I find my go-to story telling photos, I can quick tag them as a Favorite, storing them in a folder that will need to be easily accessible on all my devices.  The next time I try to go fishing for that same photo, everyone is spared the awkward search time, because it’s in my favorites folder.

More importantly, favorites will mean I don’t have to grind my teeth politely while you scroll your photos, trying to show me up with the blue marlin you say you landed 5 years ago…

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